About Reklama Media | Russian Newspaper | Russian Advertising

Reklama Media Company is the leading media company in the north Chicago metropolitan area specializing in the Eastern-European and Hispanic segments of the market. We reach over half a million estimated readers, radio listeners, and Internet users via our independent, established, and well respected media sources.

We own, operate, and represent multicultural newspapers, magazines and radio shows. Reklama Media acts as a one-stop media marketing company promoting your brand to multiple communities, primarily Eastern Europeans, while saving our clients both time and money by bringing unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

As experts in the Russian-speaking, Polish, Ukrainian and Bulgarian communities, we will recommend the most suitable markets for your company to advertise in and make a proper evaluation of your brands or services relevant to the above demographics.

Mentioned communities have firmly established themselves in the Chicago land area, yet continue to hold strong roots in their culture and heritage, with the native language media remaining their most trusted source for information and brand recognition.

Because we work with hundreds of local small, mid sized, and fortune 500 companies, we are able to offer comprehensive and effective solutions, implementing marketing and branding strategies simultaneously across print, web, and radio with precise targeting.

With 5 weekly and a one monthly publications and 4.5 hours of daily radio on weekdays (in Russian and Ukrainian) Reklama Media is a leader in the Chicago land Eastern European multicultural segment. Combined with the addition of a weekly Hispanic publication Reklama Media is the perfect one stop shop for your multicultural marketing needs.

"connecting communities, respecting roots"