Reklama Media Company is the leading media company in the north Chicago metropolitan area specializing in the Eastern-European and Hispanic segments of the market. We reach over half a million estimated readers, radio listeners, and Internet users via our independent, established, and well respected media sources.

We own, operate, and represent multicultural newspapers, magazines and radio shows. Reklama Media acts as a one-stop media marketing company promoting your brand to multiple communities, primarily Eastern Europeans, while saving our clients both time and money by bringing unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

As experts in the Russian-speaking, Polish, Ukrainian and Bulgarian communities, we will recommend the most suitable markets for your company to advertise in and make a proper evaluation of your brands or services relevant to the above demographics.

Mentioned communities have firmly established themselves in the Chicago land area, yet continue to hold strong roots in their culture and heritage, with the native language media remaining their most trusted source for information and brand recognition.

Because we work with hundreds of local small, mid sized, and fortune 500 companies, we are able to offer comprehensive and effective solutions, implementing marketing and branding strategies simultaneously across print, web, and radio with precise targeting.

With 5 weekly and a one monthly publications and 4.5 hours of daily radio on weekdays (in Russian and Ukrainian) Reklama Media is a leader in the Chicago land Eastern European multicultural segment. Combined with the addition of a weekly Hispanic publication Reklama Media is the perfect one stop shop for your multicultural marketing needs.

"connecting communities, respecting roots"


Reklama | Russian Weekly
Russian Weekly
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Reklama - Russian Weekly. Reklama is produced as a weekly edition in Russian language for almost 24 years and is one of the largest and most respected independent Russian community newspapers in the US covering Chicago metro market. Reklama is distributed free to the consumer through an extensive network of high traffic locations.

Reclama | Hispanic Weekly
Hispanic Weekly
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Reclama - Hispanic Weekly. Reclama Semanal is produced as a weekly edition and reaches the Spanish speaking residents of the northern suburbs of Chicago, providing a wide variety of editorial satisfying the interests of all Hispanic generations, covering news from abroad for first generation immigrants, while also targeting the interests of second generation Hispanics.

Chicago Rewia | Polish Weekly
Polish Weekly
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Chicago Rewia - Polish Weekly. Chicago Rewia is produced as a weekly edition in Polish and caters to the Polish communities in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. It is also one of the few Polish publications with English editorials and sections, allowing for an unparalleled opportunity to remain a part of the community for assimilated Poles.

Razom Plus | Ukrainian Weekly
Ukrainian Weekly
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Razom Plus - Ukrainian Weekly. Razom Plus was established with one purpose in mind; to offer Ukrainian readers with a Magazine style newspaper that represents a unique mix of Chicago affairs, cultural events, everyday topics, entertainment news, sports, dining reviews, and an extensive classified ads section. Razom Plus is available to the consumer free of charge and is produced as a weekly edition.

Bulgarena | Bulgarian Weekly
Bulgarian Weekly
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Bulgarena - Bulgarian Weekly. Bulgarena is created on a weekly basis and supplies local and worldly news, and events to the Bulgarian communities in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Bulgarena presents a unique mixture of Chicago affairs, cultural events, as well as everyday topics such as sports, entertainment, dining, and an extensive classified ads section.

Geras! | Lithuanian Weekly
Lithuanian Weekly
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Geras! - Lithuanian Weekly is one of the leading Lithuanian newspapers in Chicago land area. Geras is produced as a weekly edition and caters to the Lithuanian communities in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Geras was created with the purpose of offering the large Chicago land Lithuanian communities a magazine style newspaper that represents a healthy mix of immigration, cultural events, entertainment news, dining, and an ever growing classified ads section.

Reklama Radio | Russian & Ukrainian Radio
Reklama Radio
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Reklama Radio is a premiere sophisticated Russian & Ukrainian broadcasting show, exclusively based in Chicago. Reklama Radio airs on 1240 AM from 12pm until 4:30pm daily Monday through Friday. Reklama Radio aims to provide Eastern European communities with efficient and fresh editorial coverage on the latest in local entertainment, interviews, politics, as well as cultural and business reviews.


Rekalma Media delivers an attractive audience to YOUR product.
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Reklama Media provides Creative Services for Print and Web media.
Our Graphic Design Team is ready to work closely with you for the perfect fusion of ideas, words and images that achieve your goals. We will help you pinpoint your target audience while nailing the concept behind your design.
Our Services include Graphic Design and Layout of Newspapers, Magazines, Directories, Newsletters, Brochures, Booklets, Flyers, Posters, Advertisements, Corporate Identity, Stationery and Web sites.
We guarantee attention to detail and the highest quality Graphic Design, as well as Prepress and Printing service that meet or exceed your expectations.

In Reklama Media we offer unique design service - Adaptive Design.
Adaptive Design is an adaptation of original creatives to 6 different languages which we represent in house for local use here in United States: including Russian, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Lithuanian languages. We can also create ads, brochures, articles and other print or online art work from scratch in the various languages mentioned above.
Our many years of experience and expertise varies and allows us to skillfully compose ads in these languages for the assorted fields or needs including but not limited to help wanted, technical, medical, financial, auto, retail, restaurant, real estate, community and religious, etc.
To inquire a quote or to ask a question please email us at


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