About Reklama Media | Russian Newspaper | Russian Advertising

Reklama Media Company is one of the top media companies in the north Chicago metropolitan area. Specializing in the Eastern-European and Hispanic segments of the market, and operating businesses in publishing and broadcasting. We are reaching out to half a million readers, radio listeners, and Internet users via independent, well established and respected media sources by creating a common information medium that unites the ethnic communities, improves communication that enhances business relations, and presents reliable information and services. If you are looking to expand your business into the ethnic markets - we are the company for you.

The Russian-speaking Chicagoland communities are both diverse and active, with large numbers in every consumer group, from young and creative teenagers always looking for recreational activities, to a wealthy and established middle class, to a large elderly population in need of medical care and very interested in entertainment such as literature and theatre. The communities have firmly established themselves in the United States, yet continue to hold strong roots in their culture and heritage, with the native language media remaining their most trusted source for information and brand recognition. There is plenty to share and gain in some of the largest, wealthiest, most educated and active communities in the country and we provide the perfect source for you to do so.

We work with hundreds of local small and midsize companies as well as some of the fortune 500 companies. We are able to offer comprehensive and extremely effective solutions, implementing marketing and branding strategies simultaneously across print, web and radio with very precise targeting. Let us see what opportunities we can open for you.

"connecting communities, respecting roots"